Biliary Atresia Awareness

Jesus taught his disciples to pray to the Father, “…your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  As followers of Christ, we long for all people to repent of their sins and trust in Jesus as their only Savior.  We long for a world that is to come, as well.  A world with no sickness, war, and death.  The kingdom of Jesus Christ has not yet been consummated, but it is breaking out in this world through His Church.

Christians are called to bear witness to the gospel, but as we go preaching the good news of Jesus, we must also seek justice and the alleviation of human suffering in this fallen world. The challenges of this sin-sick world often hit home when our loved ones become ill for various reasons.

I have posted this blog to make the members of Bethany Baptist Church of Louisville and others aware of a condition called biliary atresia.  According to @BiliaryAtresiaAwareness, “Biliary atresia is a chronic liver disease that affects 1 in every 15,000-20,000 infants in the US.”  The realities of this condition have hit home for the O’Holleran family. According to church member Dave O’Holleran, “My grandson, Zeke, suffers from this disease.  Not only can it be life threatening, but he’ll eventually need a liver transplant and will have lifelong repercussions.”

All members of Bethany Baptist Church of Louisville are encouraged to pray for Zeke and for others who are suffering from this disease.  I want to encourage you to obtain more information about Biliary Atresia and to join a campaign for making others more aware of this condition, too.  In order to do this, simply click on the link at the end of this posting. Additionally, pray for the members of the O’Holleran family as they walk through this trial with Zeke.

Grace and Peace,

Jeff Lane

Pastor of Students and Media

Click here to visit the Biliary Atresia Awareness Facebook page



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