Montreal days 3&4

The past two days in Montreal have gone very well.  We have met several people who we have been able to connect with.

On Wednesday most of us were able to serve by pulling weeds at two locations.

The people from Bible Way church and Share the Warmth were grateful for our work there.
On Thursday we all served at Share the Warmth and were able to develop several friendships there.

We are thankful that God has allowed us to develop friendships with so many unbelievers and to allow us to point them to Christ and Reniassince church.

One thought on “Montreal days 3&4”

  1. Tom and I are so thankful you all got to go to Montreal and work with my Aaron and Sam. We have prayed for all of u this week. I am sure you all have bonded as a team and know that God has blessed every effort u have made in His name. We send much love to all of you. Billie Sue and Tom


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