Sounds of the Season 2015

Dear Bethany Family:

We hope you are looking forward to attending Sounds of the Season 2015 on December 13 at 6 p.m.! This year the program will feature our carol-singing congregation, adult and children’s choirs, four violinists, brass quintet, soloists, along with Adam Schmidt and Rebecca Howatt as narrators. After the event, there will be a Christmas dinner in the fellowship hall to provide an environment to spur on spiritual conversations with visitors. God has given us a wonderful opportunity to lead our community in considering the real meaning of Christmas.

May we ask the following question of ourselves:

What are we doing as individuals to trust God for things that are bigger than ourselves in relation to Bethany’s purpose and mission?

Let’s be reminded of our stated purpose and mission as a church:

Our purpose is to worship God as we grow as disciples of Jesus Christ who live on mission in all the world.

Each of the three elements of this purpose statement can take place during this Christmas event. We would like to ask that the church do two things over the next 10 days before the event. Trust that God has given to us this purpose and mission by personally praying for 3-5 people whom we know are unchurched—so that God will move in their hearts to accept our invitation to come to Sounds of the Season onDecember 13. Then, personally contact these people and hand them an invitation to come, joyfully expecting that God will draw them. Do we know the potential of these kinds of actions? We believe that God is working in a wondrous way to put this event together for our church and community. We also believe that His plans include our obedience to His will as He brings those plans to fruition. Let’s pray and go invite our unchurched friends and family.  Let’s join with what God wants to do here at Bethany. Rejoice, church, God is moving in our midst!

We will have invitations ready this Sunday at the worship hour for you to take with you.

To God alone be the glory,

Shawn and Ken


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