Hello from Montreal!

Hey Y’all, Emily D here.

Wanted to let y’all know that we all made it SAFE & sound to Montreal last night. We’re staying in a bed & breakfast in Little Burgundy. Today (Thursday) was just sort of our introductory day, so not much happened – although there were a few conversations that we were able to have. Aaron (missionary on the ground here) gave us an overall tour & showed us where Renaissance church meets (the church plant). After lunch we hung out in the park & a few of us did some prayer walking around the area.

Montreal is very secular — more so than our context in the States in general. It’s a lot harder to start Gospel conversations here. There seems to be more of a European type culture. People are less open even to just saying “Hi” as you pass down the street. There are so many nations represented here as well. So many, that I lost track of just how many. There seems to be a large Muslim presence here alongside the general secularism.

We still met some people & had conversations, and we are thankful for all we met so we can pray for them.

Aaron mentioned that while we don’t really see it as well back in the states — no spiritual door opens here (in Montreal) without prayer. PLEASE pray for opportunities for us to speak about spiritual things with people. Pray that God will open many doors & call HIS sheep from Montreal… because we know they’re here! Also, remember to keep the Boswell’s (missionaries that are here) in your prayers as well – as well as the coming teams & interns who will be here after we leave here.

More later!! Be sure to check back!