Greetings from Niamey!

Thankful to report that I had a safe and on time arrival in Niamey on Saturday.  I deeply missed celebrating the resurrection of our Lord on Sunday with my Bethany family, but was thankful to celebrate with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Niamey.

Today, we traveled to Boubon to share “Creation to Christ” in the village. Please pray for conviction in the

hearts of those who heard.

We also taught Souley-man and Apollonere (2 believers) from the Word. It was so good to see these brothers again.


Tomorrow, we begin to teach 12 men who are going through the leadership training. The photo below shows 6 of the men, along with myself and Cephas, the translator (far right). Please pray for these men by name (2 names not provided here, but pray for them still!). Pray that they will grow in their knowledge of the truth. Please pray for me as I teach, that the Holy Spirit will minister the Word through me with power so that our Lord Jesus is proclaimed and exalted. Thank you for praying!

Hamadon, Koanjora, Bendi, Yienlenna, Joseph, Ibrahim, Alhassane, Hama, Aziz, Yacouba, 2 more.

Grace and peace,



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